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Italo Fontana, the man behind the Welder brand, defines his work as the expression of rebellion, of the critical thought of the millennial generation. This current generation, which seeks diversity and pursues its own challenges rather than personal stability, is characterized by a strong persistence in being listened to and being heard, working to reach the capacity to be in two places at once, and yes, they get it thanks to the new technologies that allow them to know the world in real time, they are connected to each other through social networks and the information network that reaches unexpected places.

In this highly monitored society, people have to empathize with different emotions in a few seconds. The designer has found a way to connect these three elements: time, emotions and change. That is why he has opted for photochromic glass, which changes according to the mood of the person who wears it. Why this change of mood makes the vision you have at that moment of your world change.

Welder, my mood defines my time

Welder watches are characterized by the crown and pushbuttons on the left, and by the unusual size of the watch cases.

Welder believes in mistakes, because mistakes are what give us wings to fly and the only way to go is to mark yourself.

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