Environmentally Sustainable

At Clicktime we always try to make our contribution to achieve a better world and more sustainable. We are concerned about the environment and the impact of it. For that reason, at Clicktime we carry out the following actions to be more sustainable and to be able to protect the planet: 

  • We try to ensure that in most of our packages whenever possible, ship it with recycled and biodegradable paper, using the least amount possible for each shipment.
  • The gift wrapping used is made of recycled paper and biodegradable. And also we use premium recycled paper for the brochures that are included on each Clicktime order. 
  • All the shipping companies that we use on Clicktime, are adhered to an Eco sustainable plan to improve transport practices for the environment impact, as well as the incorporation of electric and low-emission vehicles for the staff and also an innovative program of efficiency in optimizing the routes. At the same time, all transport companies have agreed to reduce the delivery attempts between the courier company and the customer in order to avoid unnecessary COemissions.
  • At Clicktime we always try to provide all the required and necessary information of each product and we accompany the customer during all the purchase process in order to reduce the returns or echanges of the orders, in this sense the COemissions used for the transports that a return generate, will also be reduced.