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Guess watches launched its watch collection in 1983 with a contemporary collection for men and women. In line with the image of Guess, these watches are in constant evolution to attract young fashion consumers worldwide. Guess pay attention to new ideas of the market to maintain the success of the brand and its relevance in today's trends.

Guess watches. For a young, sexy and adventurous customer

Guess watches offer a wide range of styles for men and women. Woman watches have styles ranging from casual fashion to more sophisticated styles. The men's collection includes the best of the masculine design, both for material as for technology.
Guess watches client is young, sexy and adventurous and incorporates watches as part of their wardrobe accessories.

Guess jewelry. Elegance with casual style.

The jewels Guess maintain a balance between elegance and casual everyday parading glamorous look. Feel like a star and illuminates the lives of the others.

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