If you want to know your ring size, we explain you three different ways so you can get to know it.

If you already know the size of your ring, in the table below you will find the correspondance of sizes among countries.

If you do not know your size but you have a ring, you can measure in millimeters the internal diameter of your ring and use the table below to find the size number corresponding to the column ES-IT in the table above, which are the ones we use for our rings.

If you don't have any ring, we give you an explanation of how to measure your fingers to find your ring size. You will need:

  1. A piece of string
  2. A rule
  3. A pen

Place the string around your finger, on the third phalanx of the finger where you want to wear your ring. Note that you should measure the middle of the phalanx of your finger, neither near the knuckle nor near the hand.

Mark the string at the point where you reach it back.

Measure the length of the string from the beginning till the mark you made (in millimeters). Search this length in the column "Length millimeters" and see the diameter in "Diameter millimeters". Once you know the diameter, you can go to one of the first two tables and find your ring size there.