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The history of Morellato begins at the end of the First World War, when Giulio Morellato opened with his brother a jewelry store that offered jewelry and watches.

Morellato watches, capable of moving

The secret of the success of the Morellato watches lies in its interpretation of the concept of luxury, which ceases to be considered ostentation and excesses to become an emotional and experimental fact.

His concept "jewel to be lived", talks about quality jewelery and watches but accessible and for your day to day. Morellato has begun to explore the use of new materials, such as diamonds, gold, precious stones and natural materials combined with steel, offering more value to the consumer through a greater emotional content of the product.

Morellato Jewelry

The Morellato jewels maintain the essence of the beautiful and the eternal. This brand has its maxim in seeking that all its products have emotional content, and the jewels could not be less, created in harmonious proportions to thrill all those who wear them.

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